The Definition of Ecommerce and how it can help your website. 

ECommerce has changed on the net, this is what you need to know to use e-commerce to your advantage.

The Definition of Ecommerce is just what it seems like, E(Electronic) + Commerce... Ecommerce.
Any form of commerce(business transactions) which are based on an electronic medium.

Here are some of the basic points that you need to know about what eCommerce is and how you can use it to your advantage.

You have most likely seen shopping carts, and different systems people use on their websites to allow you to purchase their products... well, they are all different forms of eCommerce.

ECommerce has received so much hype that it is now viewed as a simple way for anyone to make millions of dollars online. That is how the media portrays much of eCommerce, but that is not the true definition of Ecommerce.

Just think about ECommerce like this... If you have a website which offers different products, just think about the easiest way to automate the entire purchasing process for your customers to make it as easy as possible... thats all ecommerce is.

There are many different forms of eCommerce for that reason, because there are many many different ways of making it easier for customers to purchase products online... and it can vary in different industries, so it is a on going process.

Shopping carts are the most common form of ECommerce that you are likely to find online, a shopping cart is just a system that allows users to shop online as they would in a store- by allowing them to browse around and select the different items which they are interested... and save each of the items choosen, until they are ready to purchase or check out.